Estate Gardening at it's finest

The Crème de la Crème of gardening services--for the finest estates in Hollywood, Bel Air, Beverly Hills and the surrounding areas. This service is couture--or custom designed for each client. Options may include:

  • Seasonal Planting: switching out your plants seasonally (two to four times a year, or as desired).
  • Topiary: or the horticultural practice of training perennial plants to look like shapes (whether geometric or fanciful). 
  • Checkerboard/Diamond Mowing: lawn mowing that accentuates the look of the grass (think Major League Baseball fields).
  • Fountain Cleaning & Maintenance
  • And Anything Else Requested
  • The service naturally includes our standard weekly maintenance of:
    • Hardscape blowing (patios, walkways, small driveways, decks, etc.)
    • Trash & debris removal (light, i.e. cans, bottles, etc.)
    • Sprinkler system monitoring
    • Edging
    • Pruning (trees, shrubs, hedges, etc.)
    • Pre /Post emergent weed control
    • Seasonal plant fertilization
    • Seasonal lawn fertilization
    • and more...

Estate Gardening Cost

Given the attention to detail and the quality of the service, we are not the cheapest outfit in town. This is intended. There are many low end services on the market. We pride ourselves on being the best. If you're looking for the cheapest, please reach out to someone else. If you're looking for high customer satisfaction, let's talk.

Pricing is custom bid based on the number of hours, employees, and specialties needed for the estate. Please contact us for a consultation. We can usually have someone out same day. 

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