Want to take your yard to the next level? Add sound. That’s right. Water features don’t just look nice, they up the relaxation factor by adding another sense – sound. Did you know the optimal sound of falling water is 24 inches? The further the water falls, the higher the volume. Now, tell us another landscaper that thinks about those details when designing your stream, pond, or water feature.

Water feature cost

Water features range in cost from $2,500 to over $100,000 depending on whether you want a boulder bubbler, a pondless water- feature, or a complete pond with waterfalls. Material selection and placement are also large cost factors. The first step in determining cost is getting together to determine your vision.

Water feature options

Streams, ponds, waterfalls… water features are ultimately any landscaping feature that includes water. Honestly, we can build just about anything you can dream up. Check out some of the projects and inspiration below.

Water feature services

We offer many water feature services:
  • Water Feature Design
  • Water Features Maintenance
  • Water Feature Repair
  • Trouble Shooting Water Feature
  • Find and Correct or Fix Leaks
  • Pondless Waterfalls
  • On-site Consultations
  • Rain Water Storage Systems
  • Bubbling Rocks, Fountains, Urns
  • Winter Prep and Shutdown
  • Custom Rehabilitation
  • Bubbling Boulders Features
  • Repair or Replace Existing Pond

Water feature warranty

  • Still wondering who to choose? To ensure you have the best experience and finished product, we offer a five-year warranty on all water features that we custom build.

Water feature pictures and inspiration

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