The Best Time To Landscape In Los Angeles

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If you’re serious about getting your landscaping right in Los Angeles then it is important that you understand the best time to landscape your property. 

It is commonly the assumption that the best time for landscaping would be the Spring. After this point, many people would argue, Summer is an okay time for planting—but any time after Fall is pretty much useless for growers. Right?

It might come as a surprise to many people to learn that this common belief is not actually correct—at least for people living in and around Los Angeles and other areas of Southern California. The best time to renovate your california landscape is actually in the Fall (and, depending on the year, even the Winter seasons)!

Why Fall And Winter Landscaping Is Better

Many people find that they struggle to understand why Fall and Winter landscaping is better, as this seems to go against every commonly known rule. Spring is the season of birth and regrowth; Winter, by contrast, is generally the season of end or death.

Planting in the fall and winter months will help trees & shrubs develop stronger root systems before the heat if summer takes its toll.

Why Spring And Summer Are Not Ideal

The Spring and Summer months in Los Angeles can be scorching and incredibly bright. For newly transplanted plants, this can be a deadly combination. Plants face the struggle of adapting to an excessively hot climate (after spending all of their life up until that point in the cooler temperatures that are more suitable for early plant growth). In addition to this, the excessively bright sunlight can lead to the plants’ natural systems getting overwhelmed. This can make the plants sickly and can sometimes even result in the plants dying.

3 Reasons Landscaping your Los Angeles home in the Fall is the best time:

1.) By contrast, the cooler and damper weather that is often seen in the Fall (and, in certain years, even the Winter months) is a far more suitable choice for people living in and around Los Angeles to consider landscaping. In the Fall and the Winter months, there is more rainfall and the overall climate is cooler. In addition, the sunlight is far less severe during these months.

2.) Landscape designers, plant nurseries, and other industry vendors in Los Angeles have the best deals going into late fall or early winter. They are liquidating plant material so they don’t have to carry an overstock going into winter. We discount our labor rates to account for the slower season.

3.) Best selection of plant material. In the spring their is usually a shortage of trending trees or plant material. in 2019 we had a shortage of mature Olive trees in Los Angeles and we were importing landscape material and plants from other areas of Southern California to account for the shortage. By the fall we often see an oversupply of landscaping materials.

Finding a Professional to Help

Planting trees and shrubs can be complicated. You need to be able to visualize what a mature version of the plant is going to look like, does it thrive in sun and shade, is this particular tree cause issues with hardscaping, etc… Working with an experienced landscaping designer can help alleviate the headaches down the road and help ensure a solid investment.

At Sterling Landscaping, Inc. , we have designed thousands of landscapes for homeowners in Southern California. We employing a team of experienced landscape designers, landscaping consultants and expert installers, to ensure your landscapes success.

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