The Importance of A Landscape Design

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One of the many benefits of having a landscaping plan is the fact that a budget can be adhered to. By using a professional landscaping plan, you will be able to easily work out the cost of the materials, plants, labor to install and other elements. We can value engineer your desired landscaping to fit within your budget.

The average plan costs 7%-10% of the overall budget. A lot of our customers cheap out on the design process which can be a costly mistake during the construction process.

Less Mistakes During Landscape Build Process

If a landscaping contractor uses a landscaping design to build out a project they will be able to plan ahead. There are many different aspects to a landscaping project and these can easily get muddled with each other if a landscape contractor tries to deliver work—particularly for complex project—without having a plan to work by. By having a landscaping plan before starting the project, a landscaper will instead be able to plan the steps more clearly that will be required in order to build for their clients. Not only does this improve the overall result of the project but it will also help to prevent—or otherwise reduce the chance of—mistakes happening. This will also speed up the landscape construction process.

Verification of What you Paid For

A detailed landscape design will not only help you visualize what you are having built but once the landscaping project has been completed you will be able to reconcile the landscape design to the end result. This will allow you to ensure that you received everything you paid for.

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